Why didn’t my GP tell me that?

“My GP told me to lose weight & I am also going deaf in both ears, I was struggling. I was trying my best to lose weight but it wasn’t working. I was becoming more and more frustrated. I phoned Jane & explained what was happening to me and after a chat I agreed to undertake a consultation and she assessed my health and my approach.

It was the first time I felt heard

One of those tests showed me just how dehydrated my body had become which has a direct correlation to my fat stores. She explained what I needed to focus so that the weight loss was the reward. For the first time in my life it all made sense and guess what 10 days later I was already down a notch on my belt. Why did my GP not tell me that?

Dehydration has a direct correlation to holding onto body fat- fact!


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News: VHC launches Skype Personal Training Service

Virtual Health launches Skype Personal Training Service.

Virtual Health was initially for those individuals who are embarrassed to go to the gym and who were time poor. However, after much nurturing and managing the highs and lows of business, this week I have launched a new personal training concept “Personal Training” through Skype.

Some of our old clients have been in touch this week and live outside the UK or are not in our area and wondered how I could help them as we have previous training history and they didn’t want to train with anyone else or was unable to find the suitable trainer.

Skype seems to be our solution to staying in touch on scheduled training and keeping my valued clients in good shape.

So when you have a moment take a look at our re branded site at http://www.virtual-healthclub.com and or drop me a line on email: info@virtual-healthclub.com

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Aiding acidity and detoxification

Aiding acidity and detoxification

Lemons may be the most alkalizing food of all. As a natural disinfectant, it can heal wounds while also providing relief for hyperacidity and energizing the liver.

This can promote detoxification.

Therefore you may wish to consider before you invest in a costly detox program which does not suit everyone because of some of the contraindications associated with it, consider working with what is naturally available to you.


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Hydration- check it out


In a study of some of our clients, their excess body fat has been due to their lack of hydration. Hydration should be around 55%-60%.

If you are not properly hydrated it may result in you not functioning or performing at your

best and left unattended too can cause serious harm to you and your body. Excess body fat can lead to chronic health and disease, so ask your trainer to measure your hydration levels and make sure you are in the range.

It will also help you lose weight under a controllled plan and exercise

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Get you body fat tested with Personaltraineressex

With the right information you will lose weight

A quick qay to test your body fat is with our non invasive machine which produces various health results such as Body Fat, Lean weight, and Fat Mass.

You will receive a receipt with all your results logged on it including how dehydrated you maybe, and your calories perday. Dehydration has a direct chorrelation to fat stores and the feeling of being fat. From my experience most women I test feel fat but the test results show that they are not fat. But they are dehydrated. By raising their hydration levels and making adjustments to the foods they eat over a period of time they feel less bloated and fat stores reduce when I re test them.

Many women link exercise to being thin, instead of it being an enjoyable part of their life.

If you are confused about what to eat and would like a health assessment with me feel free to contact me on  07801 287 213 or email me thru’ the following sites




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Poor digestion?

As a personal trainer and always on the go, I have always had to keep a keen eye on the types of foods I eat on the run, in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. If my digestion is not in great working order I am grumpy. I don’t like feeling bloated or emotionally out of sorts. A sluggish digestion will do that, for sure.

Eating foods my body can digest easily and fill me up are foods such as Bannana’s, soft non acidic fruits but more importantly eating every 1 1/2 – 2 hours help me to work out others the best I can.

Fluid and movement are also a major contributory factor. Further ways to improve digestion to follow later.

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Menopause- A Simple Tip

Hot flushes

Over heating?

A very simple technique for reducing body heat.

Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water at the end of the day for about 5-10minutes.


The massage them and the area above the inside of the ankles up along the inside of the lower leg towards the heart. Most people are very tender there as there is hardly any fat in this area and the bone is high to the skin. This area is stubborn for holding stagnant chi energy, often shown to us as swollen ankles and .

We need good Chi to function at our best. Heat applied will help balance the heat in the body, one balances out the other, therefore encouraging less heat and a better quality of sleep.

Try it for a week



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Food Labels

Here are a few tips on food labelling.

Most food state the contents of the pack based on 100grammes.

Fat gives food taste.

The “No fat option” has to obtain it’s taste from somewhere. look at the sugar content. You should be shocked.

Sugar is addictive and makes us fat when over consumed.


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Confidence is one of the major reasons why we believe in personal training on a one to one basis. We can lose our confidence in so many ways,the list can be endless.

Using personal training can help you realise that if you exercise with the right personal trainer who understands you or has any level of understanding in relation to what you are or have experienced just may hold the key to help you become more confident.  A little encouragement goes along way.

Here at Virtual Health we believe that most people, can do some form of activity or another and the key for us is to find what they enjoy. Some individuals should have been working out along time ago but for one reason or another believed they could not do it. That was until they trained with us.


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Personal Training for Mental Health

Using Personal Training as a tool to help individuals with Mental Health problems has shown me Jane Cooper , that it’s the key to encouraging them to take better care of themselves and helps balance their energy.

Personal Training for Mental Health especially in todays climate is an essential tool to Pshycological well being. Any one can develope a mental health problem. It may arise from a marriage breakdown, depression, alzheimers disease, abuse or emotional turmoil. None of us are immune and some of the strongest individuals fall the hardest.

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Your guidance and support has helped me understand that my sister and I are doing the right things for our Mum.
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