Chronic Disease & Exercise

The Facts

If you have a chronic condition, regular exercise can help you manage symptoms and improve your health, and you may have questions about exercising such as:

How often?

Which exercises are safe?

Having a health consultant on side, trained in exercise and chronic disease can put your mind at rest knowing you are doing the right things.

If, you have a chronic disease — such as heart disease, had a stroke, diabetes, asthma, or back or joint pain — exercise can have important health benefits. However, it’s important to talk to your doctor before starting an exercise routine. He or she might have advice on what exercises are safe and any precautions you might need to take while exercising.

Find out what you need to know about exercise and chronic disease.

How can exercise improve a chronic condition?

If you have a chronic condition, regular exercise can help you manage symptoms and improve your health.

For example:

  • Heart disease.Strength training can improve muscle strength and endurance, making daily activities easier.
  • Often, exercise can help control the frequency and severity of asthma attacks.
  • Back pain.Regular low-impact aerobic activities can increase strength and endurance in your back and improve muscle function. Core-strengthening exercises help reduce symptoms by strengthening the muscles around your spine. The correct back mobility exercises are a must for flexibility and mobility retention as we age.
  • Physical activity with insight into the reason you should eat little and often can help you control your weight and boost your energy and at the same time help insulin become more effective by lowering your blood sugar levels.
  • Stroke– Independent page click here
  • Alzheimer’s disease Independent page click here
Mrs N
When I fell and hurt myself at work, you took care of me, would not let me train and I realised just how much you know about the body. I thought I had hurt with my knee which I found out later with you that the problem stemmed from by back- You are better than my doctor you understand so much about the human body and spent so much time with me until I was better sorting the problem out.
Mrs N