Calling all menopausal women – How to keep your body heat under control this Christmas.

Menopause management

Reduce your body heat

How to keep your body heat under control this Christmas.

This was shared with me by a client’s husband this week who was experience chronic sciatic pain which I have managed to get under control.

He said and I quote,

“My wife and I were out shopping, we arrived home pleased with our efforts within a short timer my wife asked if we could turn the heating down”. The heating was not on she was in a raging heat, felt drained, emotionally low and soaked right through to the point she needed a shower and changed her cloths.”

He commented how awful it must be to contend with.

That got me Janie, thinking what do I know that may help you get an anchor of raging heat this festive period.

Well as a 51-year-old woman and a health practitioner I have learned over the years that my body resonates with eastern philosophy and treatments such as acupuncture and ancient cupping etc. The one ingredient which rages heat is refined sugar found in sweets, cakes and biscuits and all the wonderful treats at this festive time including the booze.

Here are two tips that I know worked for me.

1. Change from drinking cold water to room temperature water or even mildly warm boiled water. Why, because heat dissipates heat. Cold water will not cool you down.

2. Time out and sit for a while with your feet in a bowl of hot water- a foot spa ( without scolding your feet ). The water needs to be about 3 inches up from your ankle bone. After about 5 minutes massage the inside of your shins along the meridian lines with a little oil and relax. Listen to a beautiful piece of music to help you unwind.

When you are ready dry your feet and resume your day.

Try these for a few weeks and see how you feel. They work for me and just might help you.


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Are you embarressed to go to the Gym?

If the thought of going to a gym fills you with dread and anxiety then my studio just might be the solution for you, if you need help with an exercise program or have never exercised in your life.

Maybe you just need an exercise prescription subject to your ability and skills and current state of fitness.


We understand from the amount of publicity on the news and in the news papers just how important exercise is for mental health or shall I say ” your mind health” because of the chemicals it gives off in the brain aids in feel good hormones being released through out your body.

Everyone can do something to help themselves feel better mentally, even if that’s as simple as walk by the sea.

If you need a kick start or help with starting a fitness – health and well being program then email me at




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Leafy Greens

Leafy greens such as spinach may in fact be one of the best leafy grees we have access to. Spinach is known for being rich in vitamin K and folate content.

Spinach is packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber, helping to improve and aid digestion.

Rich source of Vitamin K

Aiding digestion


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Aiding acidity and detoxification

Aiding acidity and detoxification

Lemons may be the most alkalizing food of all. As a natural disinfectant, it can heal wounds while also providing relief for hyperacidity and energizing the liver.

This can promote detoxification.

Therefore you may wish to consider before you invest in a costly detox program which does not suit everyone because of some of the contraindications associated with it, consider working with what is naturally available to you.


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Checking your state of health and why it remains important.

Health Assessment
Staying healthy can delay the onset of chronic disease


Why it is important and what to expect.

Before embarking on any exercise program it is paramount that you undertake a health assessment whether you are on medication or not.In the world of personal training we are governed by a code of practice and have a “duty of care” to our clients in order to make sure you are safe and as free from risk as possibly.

 The health assessment follows the initial consultation

 What is a health assessment and what does it report?

A health assessment is a measurement of approx 10-12 key indicators of your personal state of health.

They range from blood pressure readings to a variety of tests including body fat measurements, flexibility just to name a few.

The benefit to you is that a health assessment can provide key information and can detect health issues that may prevent the onset of chronic disease such as a stroke.

So, if you are thinking of engaging with a personal trainer this is what you need to know from the health assessment before you start an exercise program.

  •  Blood pressure test

Normal blood pressure for young people 120mmHg/80mmHg and changes with age to approx 140mmHg/90mmHg any higher than that there needs to be referral to the GP

It’s a known fact that exercise raises blood pressure and is linked to stroke. A responsible trainer will never compromise neither you nor them, but will insist on a health check before prescribing or embarking on any exercise program.

  • Peak flow measurement ( tests lung capacity )

This involves blowing thru a tube for a reading three times and averaging for the score and again if the lung capacity is too low exercise may be impaired.

  •  Waist and hip ratio.

Measures waist and hips circumference. Too much weight around the waist can lead to health problems.

  •  Height & weight

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the relationship between weight and height that is often associated with health risks.


Some sports specific individuals who have a higher ratio of muscle to fat such as Rugby players have a tendency to fall into the obese category of Body Mass Index scoring when being tested.

  •  Stretch assessment.(tests lower back and hamstring flexibility)

Hamstring flexibility or the lack of it, can affect one’s exercise capacity due to their short length so problems may arise with cardiovascular training. Training adaptations are required.

  • Core strength assessment.(tests the strength of the deeper core muscles which aids postural strength)

The core area is the area of the body which runs from the shoulders to the hips.

  •  Body fat & hydration assessment ( non invasive testing and immediate reporting)
  •  Full range sit up assessment ( if appropriate)

This assessment tests superficial stomach muscles “the one’s you can see- hopefully”

This test maybe inappropriate for some clients, especially those with reduced flexibility, back complaints or have hernia.

  •  Press up assessment ( if appropriate)

This assessment tests the strength of a variety of muscles in your upper body  and core.

  •  Back  Mobility Assessment ( required for mobility and CV, Cardio vascular training).

 (If appropriate) means that if the trainer believes the test is going to impair the training the test can be bought in at a later date once you have acquired the skills for that test. However, much does depend on what you are trying to achieve from the program. The trainer will make a decision. The results of the assessment will give you a base line in terms of a starting place at that given time and date.

Remember, that without testing or measuring you will never know how much you are improving or what is changing in relation to body composition and your own personal health.

Our assessment will show you just that!

 Exercise prescription also available on request and please don’t be offended if I send you to your GP for further testing should the results dictate.

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Hydration- check it out


In a study of some of our clients, their excess body fat has been due to their lack of hydration. Hydration should be around 55%-60%.

If you are not properly hydrated it may result in you not functioning or performing at your

best and left unattended too can cause serious harm to you and your body. Excess body fat can lead to chronic health and disease, so ask your trainer to measure your hydration levels and make sure you are in the range.

It will also help you lose weight under a controllled plan and exercise

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Get you body fat tested with Personaltraineressex

With the right information you will lose weight

A quick qay to test your body fat is with our non invasive machine which produces various health results such as Body Fat, Lean weight, and Fat Mass.

You will receive a receipt with all your results logged on it including how dehydrated you maybe, and your calories perday. Dehydration has a direct chorrelation to fat stores and the feeling of being fat. From my experience most women I test feel fat but the test results show that they are not fat. But they are dehydrated. By raising their hydration levels and making adjustments to the foods they eat over a period of time they feel less bloated and fat stores reduce when I re test them.

Many women link exercise to being thin, instead of it being an enjoyable part of their life.

If you are confused about what to eat and would like a health assessment with me feel free to contact me on  07801 287 213 or email me thru’ the following sites



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Poor digestion?

As a personal trainer and always on the go, I have always had to keep a keen eye on the types of foods I eat on the run, in order to maintain a healthy digestive system. If my digestion is not in great working order I am grumpy. I don’t like feeling bloated or emotionally out of sorts. A sluggish digestion will do that, for sure.

Eating foods my body can digest easily and fill me up are foods such as Bannana’s, soft non acidic fruits but more importantly eating every 1 1/2 – 2 hours help me to work out others the best I can.

Fluid and movement are also a major contributory factor. Further ways to improve digestion to follow later.

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Food Labels

Here are a few tips on food labelling.

Most food state the contents of the pack based on 100grammes.

Fat gives food taste.

The “No fat option” has to obtain it’s taste from somewhere. look at the sugar content. You should be shocked.

Sugar is addictive and makes us fat when over consumed.


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Mrs N
When I fell and hurt myself at work, you took care of me, would not let me train and I realised just how much you know about the body. I thought I had hurt with my knee which I found out later with you that the problem stemmed from by back- You are better than my doctor you understand so much about the human body and spent so much time with me until I was better sorting the problem out.
Mrs N