Get you body fat tested with Personaltraineressex

With the right information you will lose weight

A quick qay to test your body fat is with our non invasive machine which produces various health results such as Body Fat, Lean weight, and Fat Mass.

You will receive a receipt with all your results logged on it including how dehydrated you maybe, and your calories perday. Dehydration has a direct chorrelation to fat stores and the feeling of being fat. From my experience most women I test feel fat but the test results show that they are not fat. But they are dehydrated. By raising their hydration levels and making adjustments to the foods they eat over a period of time they feel less bloated and fat stores reduce when I re test them.

Many women link exercise to being thin, instead of it being an enjoyable part of their life.

If you are confused about what to eat and would like a health assessment with me feel free to contact me on  07801 287 213 or email me thru’ the following sites



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