Exercise and Stroke

Would you like to become stronger and less dependent?

Many individuals who survive stroke need to re habilitate and regain as much confidence as possible as soon as possible. It’s a daunting experience but with stroke people find themselves really worrying how they are going to manage with everyday tasks.

It is also a very traumatic time for the family and wondering how you are all going to manage and cope can be a very worrying time, but help is at hand especially if you feel that you are out of resources.

If you that’s how you feel and don’t know where to turn, don’t panic you are in the right place.

However, we need to gain as much of you back as possible and it takes some work on your part.

Can I go to the Gym?

Unless advised by your GP there is no reason why you should not be able to work out in a gym environment albeit it is made safe and functional for you to participate and with someone on side with patience and understanding to assist where necessary is great for your confidence.

Having a qualified G P Referral Consultant onside to help you regain some strength, endurance and coordination but more importantly re gain some confidence is what Jane is all about. It is really important you do not isolate yourself or withdraw.

What happens in the sessions?

  • We make adjustments to your new physical exercise program enabling you to lose your fear of the consequences of exercising.
  • Develop your communication and memory.
  • Learn how to make adjustments to everyday life skills.
  • Progressively become more confident, self-sufficient and as independent as possible.

….and more importantly remains present, not lose your voice and stay visible in the family unit and society.

If this sounds like something that you feel would benefit you then contact Jane either by Email: on info@virtual-healthclub.com or Mb: 07801 287 213

Training my wife until Alzheimer’s disease really took hold of her, really helped her and supported me. Now I am 87 and 15 minutes gentle and appropriate exercise before my massage has helped me feel better. Has lifted my spirits and got the juices flowing. My back is better too now you have showed me what exercise to do at home to open up the joint.