Where am I?

Where am I?

It can be terrifying if someone you love has began to show signs of reduced cognitive function. The feeling of helplessness, of being out of control, and the pain of seeing someone you love slowly disappearing, can leave you wondering how you will cope – and whether you are up to it.!!!

Here are just a few signs to look out for:

Reduced general confidence and confusion, displays of emotional turmoil, argumentative and irritable, lucidity, confusion between day and night,less able to recognise the faces they know or less engaging and unable to follow the thread of a conversation.

An ability to identify that something is wrong but unable to communicate what.

If you are worried about some one’s memory, you don’t have to suffer in silence there are things you can do about it and blue print is available to you here at https// in digital download  or in print.



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      If this happend to you - Jane Cooper

How would you feel if this happened to you?

If your loved one is showing sign of reduced brain function then if you want to keep them for longer obtain an early diagnosis.

Early diagnosis is crucial in preventing the escalation of the first signs of memory loss especially if it can be kept at bay for as long as possible. There is no known cure for dementia at this time so consider doing what is best by them.

Further information about what to do when you suspect a loved one showing signs of memory loss can be found here in the publication REG here at

It’s all about Alzheimer’s disease, solutions, support and information on the biggest curve ball you will ever be thrown in your life.

REG…details the exact blue print in easy to manage bit size chunks. Follow it and the publication will assist you in gaining an insight into the system in what you need to do, when and why before it is too late.

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Are you worried about someone’s memory?

It can be terrifying, …if, someone you love has started to show signs of reduce cognitive function, memory loss in other words, or showing signs of the onset of dementia or even Alzheimer’s disease which is a form of dementia.

The feeling of helplessness, feeling out of control, and the pain of seeing someone you love slowly disappearing, can leave you wondering how you will cope – and whether you are up to it, as it has a funny way of bringing about one’s own mortality.

Right at this moment, turn to the person you love. I want you to imagine what life would be like – your life, as your loved one gradually forgets everything about you, eventually not being able to remember who you are, your name even, and your shared life.


Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Inspired by a man named Reg…….

So, if you are reading this and it has struck a chord within you and you want to keep your loved one for longer then you will find the link to the Blue Print of what to do, where to go and what to ask in the latest publication written & inspired by a man named Reg….News information and solutions for those families affected by Alzheimer’s disease here.

To order your purchase or downlaod your copy visit

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Checking your state of health and why it remains important.

Health Assessment
Staying healthy can delay the onset of chronic disease


Why it is important and what to expect.

Before embarking on any exercise program it is paramount that you undertake a health assessment whether you are on medication or not.In the world of personal training we are governed by a code of practice and have a “duty of care” to our clients in order to make sure you are safe and as free from risk as possibly.

 The health assessment follows the initial consultation

 What is a health assessment and what does it report?

A health assessment is a measurement of approx 10-12 key indicators of your personal state of health.

They range from blood pressure readings to a variety of tests including body fat measurements, flexibility just to name a few.

The benefit to you is that a health assessment can provide key information and can detect health issues that may prevent the onset of chronic disease such as a stroke.

So, if you are thinking of engaging with a personal trainer this is what you need to know from the health assessment before you start an exercise program.

  •  Blood pressure test

Normal blood pressure for young people 120mmHg/80mmHg and changes with age to approx 140mmHg/90mmHg any higher than that there needs to be referral to the GP

It’s a known fact that exercise raises blood pressure and is linked to stroke. A responsible trainer will never compromise neither you nor them, but will insist on a health check before prescribing or embarking on any exercise program.

  • Peak flow measurement ( tests lung capacity )

This involves blowing thru a tube for a reading three times and averaging for the score and again if the lung capacity is too low exercise may be impaired.

  •  Waist and hip ratio.

Measures waist and hips circumference. Too much weight around the waist can lead to health problems.

  •  Height & weight

Body Mass Index (BMI) is the relationship between weight and height that is often associated with health risks.


Some sports specific individuals who have a higher ratio of muscle to fat such as Rugby players have a tendency to fall into the obese category of Body Mass Index scoring when being tested.

  •  Stretch assessment.(tests lower back and hamstring flexibility)

Hamstring flexibility or the lack of it, can affect one’s exercise capacity due to their short length so problems may arise with cardiovascular training. Training adaptations are required.

  • Core strength assessment.(tests the strength of the deeper core muscles which aids postural strength)

The core area is the area of the body which runs from the shoulders to the hips.

  •  Body fat & hydration assessment ( non invasive testing and immediate reporting)
  •  Full range sit up assessment ( if appropriate)

This assessment tests superficial stomach muscles “the one’s you can see- hopefully”

This test maybe inappropriate for some clients, especially those with reduced flexibility, back complaints or have hernia.

  •  Press up assessment ( if appropriate)

This assessment tests the strength of a variety of muscles in your upper body  and core.

  •  Back  Mobility Assessment ( required for mobility and CV, Cardio vascular training).

 (If appropriate) means that if the trainer believes the test is going to impair the training the test can be bought in at a later date once you have acquired the skills for that test. However, much does depend on what you are trying to achieve from the program. The trainer will make a decision. The results of the assessment will give you a base line in terms of a starting place at that given time and date.

Remember, that without testing or measuring you will never know how much you are improving or what is changing in relation to body composition and your own personal health.

Our assessment will show you just that!

 Exercise prescription also available on request and please don’t be offended if I send you to your GP for further testing should the results dictate.

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Love your curves.

Jane believes that it’s ok to be curvaceous, shapely and toned but a change of body shape can come about by a mere change in your job, from being active to a sedentary desk job. But all that aside being active has more benefits than just losing and maintaining you weight.

For all those Jane has worked with who have been on a diet are now fatter than ever, if they worked why are we so fat, apart from being fed up and miserable and put chronic stress it puts on your heart which is un maintainable is a psycological nightmare.

Starving yourself of what you want only increases your desire for it, whether it is food related or another topic. It has been made clear to Jane over a period of time that not all people have the correct understanding regarding the difference between slow release sugars like fruit and refined sugar such as sweets, cakes and biscuits and alcohol which have a direct impact on your waist line that are highly addictive?

The more of these foods you eat the bigger your waist line will become and the more of them you keep eating to get your fix. People choose to wear baggy cloth’s instead of fitted one’s so is it a wonder we lose a sense of this feels tight and I better do something about it.

So the question is

For what reason are you so addicted to sugar and do you know how to change it, address that and be honest with yourself and you might stand a chance?

Healthy is not just defined in terms of body, nutrition and exercise the two missing components are your emotional health and your Psychological health and for some it includes spiritual growth.

Weaning yourself from sugar is like trying to stop smoking, it is really difficult without plummeting into low mood due to nicotine stimulating effects on your brain, the same happens when you try to wean yourself from refined sugar.

In her opinion, rapid diets may be the only option if you have to undergo surgery as the risk of not losing weight prior to a major operation may result in serious consequences but this is usually a directive given by the doctor.

If you lose weight too quickly and the fat in your body falls out of the cell the result you are left with is saggy skin and the only option is surgery – Nip & tuck and at a huge cost, not only to you but a huige financial one to.

Exercise is a part of a healthy life style as is nutritian, spirituality and emotional health.

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Personal Training for Mental Health

Using Personal Training as a tool to help individuals with Mental Health problems has shown me Jane Cooper , that it’s the key to encouraging them to take better care of themselves and helps balance their energy.

Personal Training for Mental Health especially in todays climate is an essential tool to Pshycological well being. Any one can develope a mental health problem. It may arise from a marriage breakdown, depression, alzheimers disease, abuse or emotional turmoil. None of us are immune and some of the strongest individuals fall the hardest.

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Exercise and stroke recovery

Exercises for stroke are usually prescribed by the Occupational Therapists at the hospital. The first 3 months are paramount to your recovery. Once you have regained your physical abilities its important that you regain your confidence.

Most individuals have a confidence melt down after a stroke and having your blood pressure taken regulary is a stroke preventative measure we can all do, in order for each of us to stay healthy. Normal blood pressure range 120/80. Know your numbers.

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Exercise and blood pressure

Exercising on blood pressure medication actually requires you to exercise under specific guidelines. 

If you are not on medication and your bp is raised, lowering your stress levels and walking might help.

If you are on medication, you may also be wondering why you are stuggling to lose weight, well that’s probably because blood pressure medication caps your heart rate at about 110bpm when exercising. So for weight loss you would need to focus on a good diet and walking for 45mins to about an hour. It’s more about the longevity for fat loss 3 times a week.

It is inappropriate to stop taking the medication that the Gp has prescribed unless he states otherwise.

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Alzheimers disease

For information on how to deal with the impact of alzheimers disease on you and your family go to An alzheimers Education and Awareness website or join me for a discussion  Facebook on the following link. where you can share your experiences.

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Physical Performance & Personal Performance

There are a variety of reasons of why it maybe appropriate to take on the services of a personal trainer. Especially this one – Me, Janie – who has a business mind from years in private practice as a Self assessment Tax Executive for a local accountant,  until I launched my second business, Virtual Tax UK.

The two go hand in hand,  fear of bad health and fear of the tax man then there’s a fear of Alzheimer’s disease, Janie’s 3rd business, but more about that later.

As a personal trainer who understands what it is like to be at the forefront of your company with the pressures and decisions that are needed from time to time, you need to be able to build energy from within yourself to be able to continue and to cope with any situation that arises. If you are not in great physical shape how do you make great decisions? In my experience, much comes down to how we feel about ourselves, our confidence and what’s within us. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who has your best interest at heart and encourages you regardless of what you are experiencing to be the best you can be. Great question don’t you think?

Some of the business people I work with understand the benefit’s of being in great Physical shape and have been very successful this year. Some moving into larger premises, still succeeding and earning more money than they have ever had the opportunity to beofre. Others are training to succeed and I am restructuring their business to make sure the initial foundations and scripts are in place to give them every chance to platform from a secure, correct and healthy foundations.

My blue print of personal training encourages you to focus regardless of what is going on in the outside world. Too many people are preoccupied with information that they can do nothing about and is external.

When the waves of time start to move, you need to move with them and focus harder.

Watch for windows of opportunity in the diversity.

Exercise improves our minds ability to cope and become open to possibilities. Some of my clients mentor with me straight from the Gym session because that’s when their minds are open and fertile to creativity, possibilities and opportunities, producing the success they desire. They are benefiting from the direct correlation between physical health and psychological health and performance.

Peak performance requires physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and investment. Investment from you!

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At the time I was not in a very good place you helped me become a fighter, teaching me to zone out of what was going on around me and focus. I still do that today when I am faced with negativity. That day I performed my best a faultless routine a day and performance I shall never forget. The icing on the cake was winning and that I shall thank you forever.