Now more than ever, people just like you are searching for a deeper meaning to their life. At the same time, more and more people are becoming sick, anxious, struggling to cope with daily life which, directly affects the quality of their mental health. With that in mind, have you considered the last time you gave yourself permission to stop, step out of the rat race for a while, take a breath, assess or contemplate, on anything, basically?

waterThere will always be times in our lives when we have a lot on our plate and for a few months we can cope, and channel that time into producing something worthwhile. However, continued lengths of time without addressing the balance can have catastrophic consequences to our state of health especially our capacity to think clearly and that affects our relationships, working environment and family unit and our own ability to function.

Our emotions are our inner guide, and when paid attention to and understood can bring a wealth of information to our lives so that we know how to take much better care of ourselves.

The Working Mind Meditation- “Lamrin” the tools from Tibeten Buddhist meditation help us pay attention to the purpose of our feelings and how to take control of them. If we track the root cause to those feelings which frighten us and hold us back we can reduce our anxiety, reduce everyday stress, increase inner happiness and develop our intuition.

The meditation sessions are 1-2-1, however, I will facilitate a group setting

Some of what we explore are:

  • How to Creating our safe place to learn how to meditate.
  • Work from a place of your own inner wisdom.
  • How to quieten the Monkey Mind.
  • The difference between right and wrong thought
  • The working Mind Meditation
  • How to protect your own mind.
  • The benefit of Mantra and a whole lot more……

If, you are searching for a tool, when once mastered, can be taken home, out in the community ready to use whenever you choose then, meditation can bring a more peaceful calm approach to your life. The more you know yourself you are more able to walk the middle path of life with confidence.

I’m a qualified Tibeten Buddhist Meditation Practitioner which is based on the ancient philosophy of Bon. Meditation is not about race nor religion but drawing from a wealth of knowledge within each of us with the tools of ancestors.

To book an appointment please contact Jane on Mobile 07801 287 213 or email


Training my wife until Alzheimer’s disease really took hold of her, really helped her and supported me. Now I am 87 and 15 minutes gentle and appropriate exercise before my massage has helped me feel better. Has lifted my spirits and got the juices flowing. My back is better too now you have showed me what exercise to do at home to open up the joint.