Consultation & health check

Before embarking on any exercise program it’s really important that you talk to your G P and or your trainer about your immediate state of health and what you are trying to achieve. Having good communication with client’s which is really important as it will enable us to get along allowing the sessions to be enjoyable especially for YOU.

But…YOU will have to tell me a little about your health and in that time we will undertake a little assessment to see what’s happening to you and your body and bring a list of prescribed medication should that be the case.

What is a health assessment and what does it report?

After our initial chat, the health assessment follows and is a measurement of approx 10-12 key indicators of your personal health ranging from taking your blood pressure ( which is stroke preventative_ but you knew that right? to checking how flexible you are or are not whichever the case maybe.

What do I wear?

Come along to the consultation and assessment in your joggers and a T shirt and trainers so you are comfortable. Takes about an hour and cost

Once you know where you are at, with the right guidance and advice you can strive to be where you want to be

What will I gain from this report?

  • Insight and information as to where you go from here and what you need to do.
  • Why dehydration plays a major role in body fat retention and how you feel
  • Foods effect on mood
  • Learn how to focus on what’s important and more importantly how to achieve the goal without bending yourself out of shape.
  • How the lack of flexibility can affect your training program and what you can do about it.

……and how to take care of your back and improve your posture through correction and mobility techniques and a whole lot more….

Training my wife until Alzheimer’s disease really took hold of her, really helped her and supported me. Now I am 87 and 15 minutes gentle and appropriate exercise before my massage has helped me feel better. Has lifted my spirits and got the juices flowing. My back is better too now you have showed me what exercise to do at home to open up the joint.
Health Assessment

Health Testing Saves Lives