Why didn’t my GP tell me that?

“My GP told me to lose weight & I am also going deaf in both ears, I was struggling. I was trying my best to lose weight but it wasn’t working. I was becoming more and more frustrated. I phoned Jane & explained what was happening to me and after a chat I agreed to undertake a consultation and she assessed my health and my approach.

It was the first time I felt heard

One of those tests showed me just how dehydrated my body had become which has a direct correlation to my fat stores. She explained what I needed to focus so that the weight loss was the reward. For the first time in my life it all made sense and guess what 10 days later I was already down a notch on my belt. Why did my GP not tell me that?

Dehydration has a direct correlation to holding onto body fat- fact!


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If your pelvic floor muscles are weak you will be unable to respond when your body performs dynamic exercises.

Most of us have heard of the pelvic floor muscles but few practise them as much as 3 times a week.

They are there to protect the pelvic organs and embarrassing leakages.

To strengthen your pelvic floor muscles you need to do the exercises three times a day and up to ten sets of ten second holds with also ten short strong contractions daily for about 12 weeks.

Pelvic floor problems are not age related some teenagers also suffer from bladder and bowel control as well. Teenagers, who are heavily into sports at school such as gymnastics for example tumbling, can also experience a weak pelvic floor due to the force on the pelvic floor when landing as does running.

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The gift in being highly sensative

Did you know that there is a gift in being highly sensative, but who do you talk to and how do you find out about it?

But before we explore this, here are some of the problems a highly sensitive individual might experience, and before you stick a label and become over consumed with why they are so different or how to manage them, here are some insights into whats happening to them.

Highly sensitive people struggle in loud and crowded places and over consuming smells. They can start to become restless and irritated feeling completely overwhelmed.

They start out when they wake up feeling fine then gradually as they come into contact with others their moods and feelings can change instantly leaving you completely incensed as to the reason and how to manage them effectively.

They have an ability to pick up on the energy of a place and/or when the energy changes around them, including people can turn from feeling fine to feeling out of sorts and not understanding what’s happening to them and or how to get those initial feelings back of calm and balanced centeredness.

They can pick up on non verbal clues, moods, tone of voice, subtle changes in temperature and can be affected by loud people who for the sensitive person- big or small can cause them to completely shut down unable to think or function.

Are more balanced when their environment is structured and ordered. They are uncomfortable in large crowds, with loud music, and especially loud people.

If you think that you might have or even be highly sensitive or have a highly sensitive child, don’t despair help is at hand.

Try this book because it will help you understand as it did I what’s happening and how to manage both ourselves and them. The highly sensitive Child by Elaine N Aron Ph,D. Isbn Number is 978-0-00-716393-9

Helping those to thrive when the world overwhelms them takes work and understanding. They may just be one of the 15percent of people who are gifted, intuitive, creative being?

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Why check your blood pressure?

Blood pressure check at the GP is for stroke prevention.

The ideal blood pressure is 120/80

Exercise raises blood pressure so make sure you understand your before you participate in any exercise program what your blood pressure reading is and if concerned or in doubt discuss with your Gp before embarking on an exercise program.Make sure you keep a record and remember that blood pressure is symptomless.

Exercise lowers blood pressure



Here before any exerices prescription is given a full health assessment is applied


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Relief from contipation

This works when your bodies system starts to become sluggish and in need of a boost to get things moving and you feeling much better relieving you from contipation.

On waking, drink warm boiled water. Eat only soft fruits, pears in juice, prunes, bananna’s, stay within the fruits relevant to the season up until mid day and don’t over eat either. Drink warm water during the morning and increase your physical activity ( mild to moderate). Only have your cup of tea or coffee at noon, continue this for 4-5 days and by then things should have got moving. 

Make sure you have your daily fibre allowance to retain a healthy bowel. Remain active and hydrated.

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Buddy Training-


Buddy Exercis sessions

Mums & Daughters

Having a training buddy can be really supportive to the success of your fitness goals.

Every now and agin we can feel like throwing in the towel as we lose our motivation to continue and reach for the cream cake or two or three .


Training with a friend can be fun as there are lots of ways that team/ duo exerices can keep you motivated and on track. Toning those all important areas such at tums, bums, hip and thigh don’t have to feel like hard work.

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The Physical Performance

There are a variety of reasons of why it may be appropriate to take on the services of a personal trainer. Especially this one:ME – Janie – who has a business mind from years in private practice as a Self assessment Tax Executive for a local accountant,  until I launched the second business, Virtual Tax UK.

The two go hand in hand, Fear of bad health and fear of the tax man then there’s a fear of Alzheimer’s disease, Janie’s 3rd business, but more about that later.

As a personal trainer who understands what it is like to be at the forefront of your company with the pressures and decisions that are needed from time to time, you need to build energy within yourself to be able to continue and to cope with any situation that arises. If you are not in great physical shape how do you make great decisions?

Much comes down to how we feel about ourselves, our confidence and what’s within us. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who has your best interest at heart and encourages you regardless of what you are experiencing to be the best you can be.

Great question don’t you think?

Some of the business people I work with have been very successful this year. Some moving into larger premises and still succeeding, others training to succeed and I am restructuring their business to make sure the initial foundations and scripts are in place to give them every chance to platform from secure, correct and healthy foundations.

Exercise improves our minds ability to cope and become open to possibilities. Some of my clients mentor with me straight from the Gym session because that’s when their minds are open and fertile to creativity, possibilities and opportunities.

They are benefiting from the direct correlation between physical health and psychological health.

To find out more about personal training with Janie and business mentoring, please contact Janie: Phone: 07801 287213

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Stress & Comfort Eating

A study published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation has identified that stress and the feelings of stress are linked to comfort eating. The stress hormone known as ghrelin is the possible culprit. Any ideas appreciated as to what you would like to see happen in order to get it under control. Post a reply please, Thanks

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Exercise and Depression Essex

A friend on mine informed me that there was an evening’s workshop running at Wat Tyler Park this week on depression. There were approximately 200 people there listening to the speakers. 

In relation to the economic climate, people worrying about their jobs, declining health such as Cancer’s  and Alzheimer’s disease, life experiences, is it a wonder more and more people are finding it difficult to cope. In my experience I have always managed to climb back regardless of what life throws at me.

But what if you can’t, what happens then. Where do you turn for help, guidance, practical help, support or a kind listening ear? It would be interesting to find out where people go to get support or help with their depression.

Depression may be hereditary, related to life, ill health. What have you found useful if any thing that has helped you?

From my experience in the exercise industry and as a trainer to individuals on medication, is that regular exercise helps my clients lift their mood in order for them at times just to function.

Having some one on side to encourage you to work out, move your body has kept some of my clients going when they had no one else to turn to. You may not feel that exercise may not be the answer for every one, but, I do believe that exercise prescription for Depression needs to be more available. Ask your G.P if you feel it is appropriate for you to enquire if there are any classes or Personal Trainers in the area qualified to help you.

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Mrs H
I am 85 Years old, live independently on my own and still travel. Although I am on medication and have the onset of Coronary heart disease I work out once a week and my sessions are adjusted accordingly and as necessary depending on how I feel and how much energy I have. I have lost weight too and thank you for helping me with my diet because I am on the medication Waffarin. My bloods this week perfect.
Mrs H