Psychometry & Spiritual Health


121 with Spirit

Psychometry is a psychic skill, whereby the reader has the ability to receive information from an object or a person by using their senses. Some call those senses a “sixth sense” others extrasensory perception.

Should you be searching for a sign or a message from someone who is now across the shore please bring to the session an item of jewellery which they would have worn in their earthly life.

For an appointment please contact Jane on Mobile 07801 287 213 or email  

Spiritual Journalling /Channelling

The difference between noting something down on a piece of paper or writing it out and channelling is the speed in which we craft a piece of work. When we channel we barely understand our own hand writing and its quick.

Whilst writing things down can help us to gain a clearer picture and even assist us in weighing up the pros and cons to a situation, it’s only on a very conscious level. Writing things down benefits us immensely, by aiding us to feel better emotionally by releasing those feelings.

Channelling or spiritual Journaling is something not so different. Channelling allows us to tap into a wealth of knowledge and wisdom from those individuals who have walk this earth many thousands of years ago.

If you are spiritually attuned or know your spirit guides, you already have a head start with channelled writing, we can get to work from a place of your own inner wisdom . However, if, you want some assistance in starting a project, developing an idea for a book but don’t know where to start then you are in the right place.


No one training session has ever been the same. This has been the only exercise session I have stuck too. Thank you for adjusting them when I am not on top form or on top of my game- Love it