Sports Training – Golf

If the more you practise, the harder it gets, it’s time for a new approach

Getting your swing on target every time needs 100% focus mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you’re getting frustrated by missing your performance targets then you need help!

Work with a professional, international sports coach and discover how to align every aspect of your game to create consistent and successful results.

7 Tips to Get Teed Up Professional Golf Coaching

Mental Fitness
Train your visualisation skills thoroughly to deliver excellence.
Prepare yourself mentally for practice as if it were the performance of your life
Imaging you are wearing blinkers like a horse and use this to maintain your focus on the place the ball will land.

Emotional Fitness
Know how to access happy and positive feelings.
Discover how to deal with frustration, anger and self-doubt to avoid self-sabotage

Physical Fitness
Develop your flexibility and ability to isolate upper and lower body movement.
Alternate easy days and hard days in your practise sessions to spread the effort in different areas of your body.

…and Remember
It’s quality not quantity that counts approach every practice session with total focus, mentally, emotionally and physically and you will soon see results!

Never once have you made me feel I couldn’t be the best and never once have you given up on me and with constant encouragement.