The gift in being highly sensative

Did you know that there is a gift in being highly sensative, but who do you talk to and how do you find out about it?

But before we explore this, here are some of the problems a highly sensitive individual might experience, and before you stick a label and become over consumed with why they are so different or how to manage them, here are some insights into whats happening to them.

Highly sensitive people struggle in loud and crowded places and over consuming smells. They can start to become restless and irritated feeling completely overwhelmed.

They start out when they wake up feeling fine then gradually as they come into contact with others their moods and feelings can change instantly leaving you completely incensed as to the reason and how to manage them effectively.

They have an ability to pick up on the energy of a place and/or when the energy changes around them, including people can turn from feeling fine to feeling out of sorts and not understanding what’s happening to them and or how to get those initial feelings back of calm and balanced centeredness.

They can pick up on non verbal clues, moods, tone of voice, subtle changes in temperature and can be affected by loud people who for the sensitive person- big or small can cause them to completely shut down unable to think or function.

Are more balanced when their environment is structured and ordered. They are uncomfortable in large crowds, with loud music, and especially loud people.

If you think that you might have or even be highly sensitive or have a highly sensitive child, don’t despair help is at hand.

Try this book because it will help you understand as it did I what’s happening and how to manage both ourselves and them. The highly sensitive Child by Elaine N Aron Ph,D. Isbn Number is 978-0-00-716393-9

Helping those to thrive when the world overwhelms them takes work and understanding. They may just be one of the 15percent of people who are gifted, intuitive, creative being?

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