Exercise and Depression Essex

A friend on mine informed me that there was an evening’s workshop running at Wat Tyler Park this week on depression. There were approximately 200 people there listening to the speakers. 

In relation to the economic climate, people worrying about their jobs, declining health such as Cancer’s  and Alzheimer’s disease, life experiences, is it a wonder more and more people are finding it difficult to cope. In my experience I have always managed to climb back regardless of what life throws at me.

But what if you can’t, what happens then. Where do you turn for help, guidance, practical help, support or a kind listening ear? It would be interesting to find out where people go to get support or help with their depression.

Depression may be hereditary, related to life, ill health. What have you found useful if any thing that has helped you?

From my experience in the exercise industry and as a trainer to individuals on medication, is that regular exercise helps my clients lift their mood in order for them at times just to function.

Having some one on side to encourage you to work out, move your body has kept some of my clients going when they had no one else to turn to. You may not feel that exercise may not be the answer for every one, but, I do believe that exercise prescription for Depression needs to be more available. Ask your G.P if you feel it is appropriate for you to enquire if there are any classes or Personal Trainers in the area qualified to help you.

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