Physical Performance & Personal Performance

There are a variety of reasons of why it maybe appropriate to take on the services of a personal trainer. Especially this one – Me, Janie – who has a business mind from years in private practice as a Self assessment Tax Executive for a local accountant,  until I launched my second business, Virtual Tax UK.

The two go hand in hand,  fear of bad health and fear of the tax man then there’s a fear of Alzheimer’s disease, Janie’s 3rd business, but more about that later.

As a personal trainer who understands what it is like to be at the forefront of your company with the pressures and decisions that are needed from time to time, you need to be able to build energy from within yourself to be able to continue and to cope with any situation that arises. If you are not in great physical shape how do you make great decisions? In my experience, much comes down to how we feel about ourselves, our confidence and what’s within us. Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone who has your best interest at heart and encourages you regardless of what you are experiencing to be the best you can be. Great question don’t you think?

Some of the business people I work with understand the benefit’s of being in great Physical shape and have been very successful this year. Some moving into larger premises, still succeeding and earning more money than they have ever had the opportunity to beofre. Others are training to succeed and I am restructuring their business to make sure the initial foundations and scripts are in place to give them every chance to platform from a secure, correct and healthy foundations.

My blue print of personal training encourages you to focus regardless of what is going on in the outside world. Too many people are preoccupied with information that they can do nothing about and is external.

When the waves of time start to move, you need to move with them and focus harder.

Watch for windows of opportunity in the diversity.

Exercise improves our minds ability to cope and become open to possibilities. Some of my clients mentor with me straight from the Gym session because that’s when their minds are open and fertile to creativity, possibilities and opportunities, producing the success they desire. They are benefiting from the direct correlation between physical health and psychological health and performance.

Peak performance requires physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing and investment. Investment from you!

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