Exercise for health

From the reports in the national press, we know that Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are on the increase.

As a trainer it often comes to my attention that more people would exercise if they could find a way that helped them feel confident in attending places, to look after themselves better.

There are more and more people these days seeking ways to stay younger for longer. Whether its going to the gym or plastic surgery.

However people cannot visually see inside their body. They cannot see their heart. They cannot see their clogged arteries and many who are overweight do know they are over weight , but have got themselves into such a state the journey back is often too much for them to consider.

Looking after yourself starts with good self esteem and not every one has that. There are many services that help people feel better these days from personal training to emotional therapy services. But it’s really up to the individual to want to change. Without that determination in my opinion it can be a lost cause.

Obesity and being over weight usually has many contributory factors. Emotional traumas, turbulence, stress and life experience.

A major reason for working out is to give yourself as long a time as possible in good health before your internal system decides to dictate otherwise. Exercise does help us to manage out weight but without the other parts of us for example the mental, emotional and spiritual side developing we soon find that we cannot manage to stay there and the weight soon returns.

Cardio vascular training, walking, swimming, cycling, going to the Gym, participating in classes and engaging with a personal trainer do just that. The key is to find what you like and enjoy it when you are there.

My father experienced the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in his later life, I still exercised him, even though I was able to bring my skills to the table as a personal trainer, he ate good food and walked and still climbed the stairs to the gym at the time under instruction and encouragement

It was all relevant to him at times, being able to engage and still participate and that’s the point. It allowed him to still verbally and emotionally engage with me until he passed away at 87years. A great innings don’t you think?

Most of the older generation are more active now than they ever were because of the services that are available to us in the community. It is paramount in my experience with a Father with Alzheimer’s and a heart murmor that he moved his body and mobilised his joints, because it’s fun and of the feel good factor it brings to the person. Whilst they are doing that, they can’t be doing or worrying about anything else.

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