Hot flushes getting you down?

This was shared with me by a client’s husband this week who was experience chronic sciatic pain which I have managed to get under control.

He said and I quote;

“My wife and I were out shopping, we arrived home pleased with our efforts and shortly after my wife asked if we could turn the heating down”. The heating was not on she was in a raging heat, felt drained, really down and soaked right through to the point she needed a shower and changed her cloths.”

That got me thinking what do I know that may help you get an anchor on your raging heat post festive period. Its so draining to your life force contributing to low mood. Well as a 51-year-old woman and a health practitioner for many years I have learned just how much my own body resonates with eastern philosophy and treatments such as acupuncture and ancient cupping etc. The one ingredient sure to rage your body heat is refined sugar found in sweets, cakes and biscuits and all the wonderful treats at this festive time including the booze.

Here are two tips I want to share with you which I found worked for me.

1. Change from drinking cold water to room temperature water or even mildly warm boiled water. Why, because heat dissipates heat.

Help with hot flushes
Help with hot flushes


2. Time out and sit for a while with your feet in a bowl of hot water- a foot spa ( without scolding your feet ). The water needs to be about 3 inches up from your ankle bone. After about 5 minutes massage the inside of your shins along the meridian lines with a little oil and relax. Listen to a beautiful piece of music to help you unwind and chill.

Try these for a few weeks and see how you feel. They work for me and just might help you.

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