Why I started Virtual Healthclub

From a girls hobby to a girls main business – Virtual Healthclub

I started working with individuals in personal training because I love bringing out the best in them – and that’s what I’m good at! I identified that there was a niche in the health & fitness market place, initially, for those individuals who were embarrassed to go to the gym.

From mind reading to not wanting to get all hot and sweaty in front of others was a real concern for some people. So I fixed it and created an opportunity for them to be included. My reason for this service is that no matter what happens in our lives, exercise has proven to me to be a golden key to survival because of its direct correlation to Psychological health.

I have been in the industry for about 30 years now and the consistent thread shows itself again and again.

“ Am I doing it right ? ” that’s what people want to know.

People want to know they are doing exercises correctly and exercising for the desired outcome.

Confidence is one of the major reasons why we step back from engaging with others and improving or developing ourselves. We have tendencies to believe what others say about us and most of this is based on unfound truths, instead of believing in, or trusting ourselves. People make statements that are incorrect because they are coming from a place of ego not encouragement and sometimes that’s all we need, a little encouragement.

Exercise 121 is one of the methodologies I use to help people feel really great and confident.
And why not ?

For me most people can do some form of activity or another and the key for me is to find what they enjoy.

Weight gain is linked to many things as we all know and I am not about to explain them now. However, finding our happiness is part of the key to unlocking our potential.

Structured training – ‘arrive, exercise and go’ works for people at the high end of business, their staff and individuals on prescribed medication from the GP.

“I am constantly surprised at just how brilliant people are when they are under my instruction when they thought at first they could not do it”

I love seeing people come good !

If you are not achieving your personal fitness goals and would like Jane to help you achieve these through personal training, please contact her on 07801 287213

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