Variation to continue losing weight

Most of the clients who train with me Jane Cooper have identified an increase in their focus, confidence and body image.

Most of them though, still have difficulty in increasing their water intake. However, when they do, they notice that their weight decreases and they feel less fat and bloated especially around the tummy area. Also less tired and grumpy.

Weight loss with the correct exercise presciption is achievable with the correct water intake and nutritional guidance.

If you have reached steady state, and struggling to get to the next target, change your routine! Avoid doing the same routine in the same order as the body gets used to it. Variation on the theme can be the key.

Remember also, losing too much weight too quickly will pull the fat out of the cells way too quickly and will leave you with a lot of excess skin, that’s not nice. A gradual weight loss program will allow you to manage and adjust to all the other factors including the psychological impact and emotional impact that losing weight brings about. Some individuals who have trained with me post rapid weight loss, still have not made the emotional shift required to allow them to be really ok in their new body image or cope with the attention others give them. Managing other peoples comments can be difficult but not impossible, you just have to know how to do it and keep yourself on track.

So, slow down, but stay focused and get the correct advice for your goal. Then go for it!

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