Little Saplings to Great Oaks

I spend time with quality business owners listening to their concerns when we engage in the consultation regarding how I can help them with business mentoring. I find ways of accessing the answers that are already within them. They have no idea initially that the answers are internal and not external. I get so excited when they realise from the tools I use that the answers were inside them all along. The simplest things make me smile!

From little saplings in the forest they grow into great oaks, not afraid to stand by themselves with strong roots

The whole concept of working with me is about allowing me to build your confidence, self esteem and find new threads unique to you and your business in order to thrive. You will be amazed at how well you will perform.

Whether I work with business owners or their staff, one of the common threads to the most successful companies lies within ones ability to bring out the best in others. Most individuals want to contribute to something worth while. If they are considered worthy and valued they will buy in to your legacy.

Recently, and over the last few months of networking, I have taken the opportunity to observe people’s one to one personal performances. What is going on? I have been to a breakfast event this morning. People do me a favour would you? When you stand up to speak, please, please, please, do some preparation and stop reading from your notes. In my opinion if you want business and people to buy into you, be prepared and don’t wing it. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Step up and raise your game. It is your one chance to get noticed.

Improving your business starts with you!

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