Golf – How to improve your game and practise situation

Are you playing to the best of your ability?

Do you need to loosen up to improve your golf swing technique and your game?

Golf _Training_Injury_ PalmSprings_KinetixCenter

Well did you know that mobility exercises and stretching are key in developing your game as is being able to focus. It’s not how much time you spend practising that improves the game it’s the quality of the practice situation when you are there that counts.

Practising a good warm up preparing your muscles for what they are about to undertake is a good place to start.

Being able to put your mind in the right place is also relevant to the point that you can practise as if it were a tournament and deliver like a winner as you start to raise your own bar.

Shoulder flexibility, upper and lower back mobility, being able to rotate and move your torso independently from your hips will all improve your game.

Like any other great sportsman or woman these exercises are to be practised before going onto the driving range and fall part of the process.

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